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The employees of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy at the University of Freiburg:

Name Function E-mail Phone
Prof. Dr. Heiko Heerklotz Professor Heiko Heerklotz  203-6338 /
Prof. Dr. Regine Süss Professor Regine Süss 203-6327
Nuria Beltrán Sánchez Secretary Nuria Beltrán Sánchez 203-6337
Prof. Dr. Rolf Schubert Professor (retired) Rolf Schubert  203-6337
Prof. em. Dr. Kurt H. Bauer Professor Emeritus Kurt H. Bauer 203-6337
PD Dr. Andrea Allmendinger Group Leader Andrea Allmendinger  
Dr. Maria Hoernke Group Leader Maria Hoernke 203-6343
Dr. Laurine Kaul Group Leader Laurine Kaul 203-54051
Dr. Martin Holzer Akademischer Oberrat Martin Holzer 203-4908
Dengler, Eva Techn. Ass. Eva Dengler 203-6364
Erhard, Birgit Techn. Ass. Birgit Erhard 203-6328
Specht, Nicole Techn. Ass. Nicole Specht 203-97765
Akcesme, Sevda PhD student Sevda Akcesme 203-4912
Bender, Valentin PhD student Valentin Bender 203-6329
Crocoll, Sarah PhD student Sarah Crocoll 203-6346
Hua, Lisa PhD student Lisa Hua 203-6336
Jaki, Miriam PhD student Miriam Jaki 203-4899
Koehler, Jonas PhD student Jonas Koehler 203-4912
Krompers, Mona PhD student Mona Krompers 203-6336
Lehnert, Melissa PhD student Melissa Lehnert 203-6336
Lembeck, Jan PhD student Jan Lembeck 203-6346
Ruppl, Anna PhD student Anna Ruppl 203-4899
Schmager, Stefanie PhD student Stefanie Schmager 203-4912


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