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Cryo-transmission electron microscopy

Cryo-transmission electron microscopy (Cryo-TEM)

Cryo-TEM allows a virtually artifact-free depiction of very small structures in the size range from ca. 5 nm to 200-300 nm. The aqueous samples are brought on a grid and the small liquid film is rapidly frozen to 90 K, so that ice crystals do not form and the freozen water film remains transparent in an amorphous state. Using cryo-TEM we evaluate the size, size distribution and morphology of liposomes and other particles.

These investigations are performed at our Department routinely by Sabine Barnert.




Unilamellare Liposomen
Unilamellar Liposoms


Nano emulsions


Cryo-TEM Photo gallery

Here are some sample recordings, which were made using the cryo-transmission electron microscopy::

Cryo-TEM Abbildung 1 Cryo-TEM Abbildung 2
Cryo-TEM Abbildung 3 Cryo-TEM Abbildung 4


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