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Publications 2014

Gubernator J, Lipka D, Korycińska M, Kempińska K, Milczarek M, Wietrzyk J, Hrynyk R, Barnert S, Süss R, Kozubek A.
Efficient human breast cancer xenograft regression after a single treatment with a novel liposomal formulation of epirubicin prepared using the EDTA ion gradient method.
PLoS One. 2014 Mar 12;9(3):e91487. doi: 10.1371

Först G, Cwiklik L, Jurkiewicz P, Schubert R, Hof M
Interactions of beta-blockers with model lipid membranes - Molecular view of the interaction of acebutolol, oxprenolol, and propranolol with phosphatidylcholine vesicles by time-dependent fluorescence shift and molecular dynamics simulations
Eur J Pharm Biopharm, in press

Hansen HP, Engels H-M, Dams M, Paes Leme AF, Pauletti BA, Simhadri VL, Dürkop H, Reiners KS,
Barnert S, Engert A, Schubert R, Quondamatteo F, Hallek M, Pogge von Strandmann E
Protrusion-guided extracellular vesicles mediate CD30 trans-signaling in the microenvironment of Hodgkin lymphoma
J Pathol 2014; 232: 405–414

Ewe A, Schaper A, Barnert S, Schubert R, Temme A, Bakowsky U, Aigner A
Storage stability of optimal liposome-polyethylenimine complexes (lipopolyplexes) for DNA or siRNA delivery
Acta Biomaterialia, 2014, in press


Publications 2013

Vitamin C-driven epirubicin loading into liposomes
Lipka D, Gubernator J, Filipczak N, Barnert S, Süss R, Legut M, Kozubek A.
Int J Nanomedicine. 2013;8:3573-85. doi: 10.2147/IJN.S47745

Artificial oxygen carriers based on perfluorodecalin-filled poly(n-butyl-cyanoacrylate) nanocapsules
Stephan C, Schlawne C, Grass S, Waack IN, Ferenz KB, Bachmann M, Barnert S, Schubert R, Bastmeyer M, de Groot H, Mayer C,
J Microencapsulation, in press

Treatment of neuroblastoma and rhabdomyosarcoma using RGD-modified liposomal formulations of patupilone (EPO906)
Scherzinger-Laude K, Schönherr C, Lewrick F, Süss R, Francese G, Rössler J.
Int J Nanomedicine. 2013;8:2197-2211

Improving Intracellular Doxorubicin Delivery Through Nanoliposomes Equipped with Selective Tumor Cell Membrane Permeabilizing Short-Chain Sphingolipids.
Pedrosa LR, van Hell A, Süss R, van Blitterswijk WJ, Seynhaeve AL, van Cappellen WA, Eggermont AM, Ten Hagen TL, Verheij M, Koning GA.
Pharm Res. 2013 May 11. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23666266

Mild hyperthermia triggered doxorubicin release from optimized stealth thermosensitive liposomes improves intratumoral drug delivery and efficacy.
Li L, Ten Hagen TL, Hossann M, Süss R, van Rhoon GC, Eggermont AM, Haemmerich D, Koning GA.
J Control Release. 2013 Mar 21. doi:pii: S0168-3659(13)00154-5.

Brinkmann-Trettenes U, Barnert S, Bauer-Brandl A
Single step bottom-up process to generate solid phospholipid nano-particles
Pharm Dev Technol, Early Online: 1–7

Lucas X*, Simon S*, Schubert R, Günther S (* eq. contrib.)
Discovery of the inhibitory effect of a phosphatidylinositol derivative on P-glycoprotein by virtual screening followed by in vitro cellular studies
PLoS ONE, published April 9, 2013

Accardo A, Gianolio E, Arena F, Barnert S, Schubert R, Tesauro D, Morelli G:
Nanoparticles based on monoolein or diolein and amphiphilic Gadolinium complexes as MRI contrast agents
J Mater Chem B 2013, 1, 617-628 DOI:10.1039/C2TB00329E.

Evjen TJ, Stefan Hupfeld S,  Barnert S,  Fossheim S, Schubert R, Brandl M.
Physicochemical characterization of liposomes after ultrasound exposure - mechanisms of drug release
J Pharmaceut Biomed Anal 2013, 78-79, 118-122

Publications 2012

Orthmann A, Zeisig R, Süss R, Lorenz D, Lemm M, Fichtner I.
Treatment of Experimental Brain Metastasis with MTO-Liposomes: Impact of Fluidity and LRP-Targeting on the Therapeutic Result.
Pharm Res  2012, 29, 1949-1959, PMID: 22399388

Eszter Molnár, Mahima Swamy, Martin Holzer, Katharina Beck-García, Remigiusz Worch, Christoph Thiele, Gernot Guigas, Kristian Boye, Immanuel F. Luescher, Petra Schwille, Rolf Schubert, Wolfgang W. A. Schamel
Cholesterol and sphingomyelin drive ligand-independent T-cell antigen receptor nanoclustering
J Biol Chem 2012, 287, 42664-74.  doi: 10.1074/jbc.M112.386045  

Simon S, Schubert R.
Inhibitory Effect of Phospholipids on P-Glycoprotein: Cellular Studies in Caco-2,
MDCKII mdr1 and MDCKII wildtype cells and P-gp ATPase Activity Measurements
Biochim Biophys Acta - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids 2012, 1821, 1211-1123 
PMID: 22691950

F. Sleman, W. M. M. Mahmoud, R. Schubert, K. Kümmerer
Photodegradation, Photocatalytic, and Aerobic Biodegradation of Sulfisomidine and Identification of Transformation Products by LC–UV-MS/MS
CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water 2012, 40 (11), 1244–1249

Hantel C, Lewrick F, Reincke M, Süss R, Beuschlein F.
Liposomal doxorubicin-based treatment in a preclinical model of adrenocortical carcinoma.
J Endocrinol 2012, 213(2):155-61  PMID: 22407999

Suresh KI, Först G, Schubert R, Bartsch E
Synthesis and micellization properties of new anionic reactive surfactants based on hydrogenated cardanol.
J Surfact Deterg 2012, 15, 207-215

Orthmann A, Zeisig R, Süss R, Lorenz D, Lemm M, Fichtner I.
Treatment of Experimental Brain Metastasis with MTO-Liposomes: Impact of Fluidity and LRP-Targeting on the Therapeutic Result.
Pharm Res. 2012 Mar 8. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 22399388

Vanic' Z., Barnert S, Süss R, Schubert R
Fusogenic activity of PEGylated pH-sensitive liposomes.
J Liposomes Res, 2012; 22(2): 148-157   DOI: 10.3109/08982104.2011.633267


Publications 2011

Adrian JE, Wolf A, Steinbach A, Rössler J, Süss R.
Targeted Delivery to Neuroblastoma of Novel siRNA-anti-GD2-liposomes Prepared by Dual Asymmetric Centrifugation and Sterol-Based Post-Insertion Method.
Pharm Res. 2011 Sep;28(9):2261-72

Genisyuerek S, Papatheodorou P, Guttenberg G, Schubert R, Benz R, Aktories, K.
Structural determinants for membrane insertion, pore formation and translocation of Clostridium difficile toxin B.
Mol Microbiol 2011, 79(6), 1643-54

Evjen T, Esben A, Nilssen E., Barnert S, Schubert R, Brandl M,  Fossheim SL.
Ultrasound-mediated destabilization and drug release from liposomes comprising dioleoylphosphatidylethanolamine.
Eur J Pharm Sci 2011, 42(4), 380-386

Marxer E, Brüßler J, Becker A, Schümmelfeder J, Schubert R, Nimsky C, Bakowsky U.
Development and characterization of new nanoscaled ultrasound active lipid dispersions as contrast agents
Eur J Pharm Biopharm 2011, 77(3), 430-437

Müller S, Trittler R, Schubert R., Strehl E.
Opioid-Metamizol-Mischungen. Sind sie in Schmerzmittelreservoiren zur kontinuierlichen parenteralen Applikatiom stabil?
Krankenhauspharmazie 2011, 32(2), 89-96


Publications 2010

Gubernator J, Chwastek G, Korycin'ska M, Stasiuk M, Grynkiewicz G, Lewrick F, Süss R, Kozubek A.
The encapsulation of idarubicin within liposomes using the novel EDTA ion gradient method ensures improved drug retention in vitro and in vivo.
J Control Release. 2010, 146(1), 68-75. PMID: 20510316

Schneider S, Lenz D, Holzer M, Palme K, Süss R.
Intracellular FRET analysis of lipid/DNA complexes using flow cytometry and fluorescence imaging techniques.
J Control Release 2010, 145(3), 289-96. PMID: 20417238

Adrian JE, Morselt HW, Süss R, Barnert S, Kok JW, Asgeirsdóttir SA, Ruiters MH, Molema G, Kamps JA.
Targeted SAINT-O-Somes for improved intracellular delivery of siRNA and cytotoxic drugs into endothelial cells.
J Control Release 2010, 144(3), 341-349. PMID: 20226822

Lewrick F, Süss R.
Remote loading of anthracyclines into liposomes.
Methods Mol Biol. 2010, 605, 139-145. PMID: 20072878

Huber K, Schemies J, Uciechowska U, Wagner JM, Rumpf T, Lewrick F, Süss R, Sippl W, Jung M, Bracher F.
Novel 3-arylideneindolin-2-ones as inhibitors of NAD+ -dependent histone deacetylases (sirtuins).
J Med Chem. 2010, 53(3), 1383-1386. PMID: 20030343

Schneider S, Süss R.
Spectral bio-imaging and confocal imaging of the intracellular distribution of lipoplexes.
Methods Mol Biol. 2010, 606, 457-467. PMID: 20013415

Hantel C, Lewrick F, Schneider S, Zwermann O, Perren A, Reincke M, Süss R, Beuschlein F.  
Anti insulin-like growth factor I receptor immunoliposomes: A single formulation combining two anticancer treatments with enhanced therapeutic efficiency.    
J Clin Endocr Metab 2010, 95 (2), 943-952. Epub 2009 Dec 1.PMID: 19952224 (doi:10.1210/jc.2009-1980)

Holzer M, Burghardt A, Schubert R.
Quantitative high-performance thin layer chromatography determination of common liposome components and critical parameters influencing the analysis results.   
J Lipos Res 2010, 20 (2), 124-133 (doi:10.3109/08982100903218884)

Holzer M, Momm J, Schubert R.  
Lipid transfer mediated by a recombinant pro-sterol carrier protein 2 for the accurate preparation of asymmetrical membrane vesicles requires a narrow vesicle size distribution: A free-flow electrophoresis study.    
Langmuir 2010, 26 (6), 4142-4151 (doi:10.1021/la903386d)


Publications 2009

Schaffran T, Burghardt A, Barnert S, Peschka-Süss R, Schubert R, Winterhalter M, Gabel D.  
Pyridinium lipids with the dodecaborate cluster as polar headgroup: Synthesis, characterization of the physical-chemical behavior and toxicity in cell culture.   
Bioconjugate Chem 2009, 20, 2190-2198. 

Holzer M, Barnert S, Momm J, Schubert R.  
Preparative size exclusion chromatography combined with detergent removal as a versatile tool to prepare unilamellar and spherical liposomes of highly uniform size distribution.    
J Chromatogr A 2009, 1216, 5838-5848. (doi:10.1016/j.chroma.2009.06.023)

Schaffran T, Lissel F, Samatanga B, Karlsson G, Burghardt A, Edwards K, Winterhalter M, Peschka-Süss R, Schubert R, Gabel D.  
Dodecaborate cluster lipids with variable headgroups for boron neutron capture therapy: Synthesis, physical-chemical properties and toxicity.    
J Organomet Chem 2009, 694, 1708-1712.

Zeiss D, Fischer S, Schubert R, Bauer-Brandl A. 
Loading of propranolol-H+ onto SP Sephadex C-25 studied by isothermal calorimetry and spectrometry.   
PDA J Pharm Sci Tech 2009, 63, 417-428.

Manosroi A, Thathang K, Manosroi J, Werner RG, Schubert R, Peschka-Süss R. 
Expression of luciferase plasmid (pCMVLuc) entrapped in DPPC/Cholesterol/DDAB liposomes in HeLa cell lines.    
J Lipos Res 2009, 19, 131-140.

Pereira da Silva Gomes JF, Rank A, Kronenberger A, Fritz J, Winterhalter M, Ramaye Y. 
Polyelectrolyte coated unilamellar nanometer-sized magnetic liposomes.   
Langmuir 2009, 25, 6793-6799.

Nikolic MS, Olsson C, Salcher A, Kornowski A, Rank A, Schubert R, Frömsdorf A, Weller H, Förster S. 
Micelle and vesicle formation of amphiphilic nanoparticles.   
Angew Chem Int Edit 2009, 48, 2752-2754.

Kempf J, Wuske T, Schubert R, Weinmann W.
Pre-analytical stability of selected benzodiazepines on a polymeric oral fluid sampling device.   
Forensic Sci Int 2009, 186, 81-85.

Gantert M*, Lewrick F*, Adrian J, Rössler J, Steenpaß T, Schubert R, Peschka-Süss R (* eq. contrib.).
Receptor-specific targeting with liposomes in vitro based on sterol-PEG1300 anchors.     
Pharmaceut Res 2009, 26, 529-538.

Rank A, Hauschild S, Förster S, Schubert R. 
Preparation of monodisperse block copolymer vesicles via a thermotropic cylinder-vesicle transition.   
Langmuir 2009, 25, 1337-1344.

Schönherr C, Touchene S, Wilser G, Peschka-Süss R, Francese G. 
Simple and precise detection of lipid compounds present within liposomal formulations using a charged aerosol detector.   
J Chromatogr A 2009, 1216, 781-786.


Publications 2008

Manosroi A, Thathang K, Werner RG, Schubert R, Manosroi J.
Stability of luciferase plasmid entrapped in cationic bilayer vesicles.  
Int J Pharm 2008, 356, 291-299.

Börner HG, Smarsly BM, Hentschel J, Rank A, Schubert R, Geng Y, Discher DE, Hellweg T, Brandt A.
Organization of self-assembled peptide-polymer nanofibers in solution.  
Macromolecules 2008, 41, 1430-1437.

Manosroi A, Thathang K, Werner RG, Schubert R, Peschka-Süss R, Manosroi J.
Development of highly stable and low toxic cationic liposomes for gene therapy.
Arzneimittel-Forsch 2008, 58, 485-492.

Waschinski CJ, Barnert S, Theobald A, Schubert R, Kleinschmidt F, Hoffmann A, Saalwächter K, Tiller JC.
Insights in the antibacterial action of poly(methyloxazoline)s with biocidal end group and varying satellite groups.
Biomacromolecules 2008, 9, 1764-1771. 

Rössler J, Taylor M, Geoerger B, Farace F, Lagodny F, Peschka-Süss R, Niemeyer CM, Vassal G.
Angiogenesis as a target in neuroblastoma.
Eur J Cancer 2008, 44, 1645-1656.

Manojlovic V, Winkler K, Bunjes V, Neub A, Schubert R, Bugarski B, Leneweit G.
Membrane interactions of ternary phospholipid/cholesterol bilayers and encapsulation efficiencies of a RIP II protein.
Colloid Surface B
2008, 64, 284-296.

Flögel U, Ding Z, Hardung H, Jander S, Reichmann G, Jacoby C, Schubert R, Schrader J.
In vivo monitoring of inflammation after cardiac and cerebral ischemia by fluorine magnetic resonance imaging. 
Circulation 2008, 118, 140-148.

Hartmann L, Häfele S, Peschka-Süss R, Antonietti M, Börner HG.
Tailor-made poly(amidoamine)s for controlled complexation and condensation of DNA.
Chem Eur J 2008, 14, 2025-2033.

Winkler K, Jäger S, Leneweit G, Schubert R.
Interactions of viscotoxins with vesicles of genuine plant membranes. 
Planta Med 2008, 74, 163-167.


Publications 2007

Bunjes V, Winkler K, Peschka-Süss R, Schubert R.
Specific targeting of liposomes functionalized with mistletoe lectin I.
Phytomedicine 2007,14 (S2), 20.

Hens F, Gantert M, Schubert R, Peschka-Süss R.
Specific targeting of neuroblastoma cell lines - a "ready-to-use" system to modify liposomal surfaces.
Targ Oncol 2007, 2 (S1), 35-36.

Leson A, Hauschild S, Rank A, Neub A, Schubert R, Förster S, Mayer C.
Molecular exchange through membranes of poly(2-vinylpyridine-block-ethylene oxide) vesicles.
Small 2007, 3, 1074-1083.

van der Aa MAEM, Huth U, Häfele S, Schubert R, Oosting RS, Mastrobattista E, Hennink WE, Peschka-Süss R, Koning GA, Crommelin DJA.
Cellular uptake of cationic polymer-DNA complexes via caveolae plays a pivotal role in gene transfection.
Pharmaceut Res 2007, 24, 1590-1598.

Hartmann L, Häfele S, Peschka-Süss R, Antonietti M, Börner HG.
Sequence positioning of disulfide linkages to program the degradation of monodisperse poly(amidoamines).
Macromolecules 2007, 40, 7771-7776.

Bauer KH.
A partially freeze-dried lyophilisation technology for producing fast-melting tablets.
Pharm Tech Eur 2007, 19, 63-69.


Publications 2006

Farkas E, Schubert R, Zelkó R.
Effect of ß-sitosterol concentration and high pressure homogenization on the chlorhexidine release from vesicular gels.
Int J Pharm 2006, 307, 51-55.

Huth US, Schubert R, Peschka-Süss R.  
Investigating the uptake and intracellular fate of pH-sensitive liposomes by flow cytometry and spectral bio-imaging.
J Control Release 2006, 110, 490-504.

Steenpaß T, Lung A, Schubert.
Tresylated PEG-sterols for coupling of proteins to preformed plain or PEGylated liposomes.
BBA-Biomembranes 2006, 1758, 20-28.

Gutmayer D, Thomann R, Bakowsky U, Schubert R.
Synthesis of a polymer skeleton at the inner leaflet of liposomal membranes: Polymerization of membrane-adsorbed pH-sensitive monomers.
Biomacromolecules 2006, 7, 1422-1428.

Borchert U, Lipprandt U, Bilang M, Kimpfler A, Rank A, Peschka-Süss R, Schubert R, Lindner P, Förster S.
pH-induced release from P2VP-PEO block copolymer vesicles.
Langmuir 2006, 22, 5843-5847.

Fritze A, Hens F, Kimpfler A, Schubert R, Peschka-Süss R.
Remote loading of doxorubicin into liposomes driven by a transmembrane phosphate gradient.
BBA-Biomembranes 2006, 1758, 1633-1640.

Rössler J, Lagodny J, Peschka-Süss R, Niemeyer CM.
siRNA-mediated anti-angiogenesis in human neuroblastoma.
SIOP Meeting Genf, Schweiz, September 2006
Pediatr Blood Cancer 2006, 47, 412.


Publikationen der Jahre 2001 - 2005


Clement J, Kiefer K, Kimpfler A, Garidel P, Peschka-Süss R.
Large-scale production of lipoplexes with long shelf-life.
Eur J Pharm Biopharm 2005, 59, 35-43.

Cheng SM, Pabba S, Torchilin VP, Fowle W, Kimpfler A, Schubert R, Weissig V.
Towards mitochondria-specific delivery of apoptosis-inducing agents: DQAsomal incorporated paclitaxel.
J Drug Deliv Sci Tec 2005, 15, 81-86.

Bartsch M, Weeke-Klimp A, Morselt HWM, Kimpfler A, Asgeirsdottir SA, Schubert R, Meijer DKF, Scherphof GL, Kamps JAAM.
Optimized targeting of PEG-stabilized anti-ICAM-1 ODN/lipid particles to liver sinusoidal endothelial cells.
Mol Pharmacol 2005, 67, 883-890.

Schubert R.
Entwicklung oraler und parenteraler Arzneiformen: Bioverfügbarkeit und Stabilität von Immunsupressiva.
Pharm Unserer Zeit 2005, 34, 296-303.

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Characterization of membrane vesicles in plant extracts.
Colloid Surface B 2005, 45, 57-65.

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Direct preparation and loading of lipid and polymer vesicles using inkjet printers.
Small 2005, 1, 1177-1180.


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Effect of ß-sitosterol on the characteristics of vesicular gels containing chlorhexidine.
Int J Pharm 2004, 278, 63-70

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Degradation of raw or film-incorporated ß-cyclodextrin by enzymes and colonic bacteria.
Eur J Pharm Biopharm 2004, 58, 91-97.

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Transfection efficiency and cytotoxicity of several nonviral gene transfer reagents in human smooth muscle and endothelial cells.
Pharmceut Res 2004, 21, 1009-1017.

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Fourier transformed spectral bio-imaging for studying the intracellular fate of liposomes.
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Liposomal gels for vaginal drug delivery.
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5-Fluororuracil in vesicular phospholipid gels for anticancer treatment: entrapment and release properties.
Int J Pharm 2003, 256, 123-131.

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Blue liposomes for identification of the sentinel lymph nodes in pigs.
Lymphology 2003, 36, 39-47.

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Liposome preparation by detergent removal.
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Biomacromolecules 2002, 3, 324-332.

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Change in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamik behavior of gemcitabine in human tumor xenografts upon entrapment into vesicular phospholipid gels.
Cancer Chemoth Pharm
2002, 49, 356-366.

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Blood 2001, 98, 3097-3105.


Publikationen der Jahre 1996 - 2000


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The association of plain and ligand-bearing neutral and pH-sensitive liposomes with various cells.
J Lipos Res 2000, 10, 43-59.

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Influence of tableting forces and lubricant concentration on the adhesion strength in complex layer tablets.
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Technische Innovationen auf dem Wirbelschicht- und Fließbett-Gebiet.
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Effekte von Eudragit® und Ethylzelluloseumhüllungen.
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nach oben


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